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    Your ETS Account


    Before you can register for a GRE? General Test, you will need to create an ETS account. Watch a quick video to learn how.

    In addition to using your account to register for a test, you'll also use it to:

    • sign up for the free GRE? Search Service
    • view your scores
    • view, change or cancel your registration
    • apply for and view approved testing accommodations
    • order Additional Score Reports
    • access the free GRE Diagnostic Service
    • purchase test preparation materials
    • choose to receive important notifications concerning your test and scores through text messages in addition to email

    The Name You Use

    You can create an account at any time, regardless of whether or not you plan to register for a GRE test. However, the name you use when you create your account will also be the name you use when you register for your GRE test, so it's important to make sure that your first and last name exactly matches (excluding accents) the name printed on the identification (ID) documents that you will present on the day of your test. If it doesn't, you may be prohibited from taking the test or your scores may be canceled. Learn more about The Name You Use.

    Create or Log In to Your ETS Account Now

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